• dive control
  • main diver control panel
  • twin lock deck decompression chamber
  • high-pressure and low-pressure compressors,
  • Launch and recovery system
  • diver’s stage/wet-bell or steel cages systems
  • Divers equipment including:
    • Kirby Morgan helmets
    • harness complete with emergency bail out bottles
    • control panels
    • communication systems
    • all necessary wet diving and ancillary equipment

Air Diving Systems

  • Optional construction support equipment including:
    • bolt tensioning equipment
    • water jets
    • Broco underwater
    • cutting equipment
    • grit entrenched system
    • large flow capacity pumps
    • aluminium work boats.
    • Optional Inspection equipment including:
    • close-circuit television,
    • Ultrasonic meters,
    • Cathodic Potential meters
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection

Flash Tekk's range of portable, modular Air Diving Systems is complete with the following or can be tailored made to suit clients needs:

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