Flash Tekk has substantial experience in the offshore industry. We strive to design and build an integrated Saturation Dive System into Diving Support Vessels that increased system efficiency for the operators and safety plus comfort for the divers. Our system provides comfortable, quiet and safe environment for the divers. The saturation diving systems can be customized to client individual needs. The features of saturation diving system as follow:

  • 12, 15, 18 or 24 man saturation systems
  • Single/twin diving bell or twin SPHL’s
  • Bell launch and recovery systems
  • triple electric winch technology or conventional winch system with clump weight
  • Automated control rooms with touch-screen technology
  • Communication and video systems
  • Integrated saturation system living and decompression chambers
  • Electrical and hydraulic bell handling system design.
  • Up to 300MSW
  • Temperature -18 deg to +66 deg
  • The chamber with its own Entry Lock which provides ‘en suite’ toilet and washing facilities but most importantly provides a ‘safe haven’
  • Chamber configuration and system layout as per clients requirements.

Saturation  Systems

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